About Equilibrium Australia

Equilibrium Australia is a company that was founded on and continues to be driven by passion. It’s also driven by the pursuit to better ourselves, our products and the lives of horses all around the globe.

Here at Equilibrium, we don’t see ourselves as just being really good at making supplements, we also take great pride in the way in which we go about helping horse owners understand an innumerable range of factors that contribute to having happy, healthy horses. We’ve received thousands of emails from ecstatic owners over the years who’ve gone on to see their horses (and sometimes themselves) achieve things they thought weren’t possible. Be it an old retired horse who looked too tired to even go for a gentle amble, regain a spring in their step and once again handle a saddle on their back with ease; or be it a horse that was so nervy or excitable that it was nigh on impossible to compete on, go out and receive a ribbon thanks to a sprinkle of B1 Cool Mix that helped them calm down enough to keep them on the right track. We’ve heard these types of stories countless times and we always like to hear more!

One of the keys to our success has also been in the simplicity in our approach, we supplement your horse with what they need. We always encourage people to feed their horses what they need and we believe one of the most sustainable ways to deliver on these two goals is to make it affordable for people to do so. It’s also part of the reason why we offer our supplements in a range of sizes that can supplement the average horse for a period of anywhere between eight weeks through to nearly an entire year. Since our humble beginnings, Equilibrium has gone on to become a ‘feed room name’ all over the world. In Australia, New Zealand and Asia, Equilibrium supplements are an established name with a very loyal following, further afield, Equilibrium is known by the name LexveT which is distributed throughout Europe and the middle east.

At Equilibrium, we’d like to see horse owners with paddocks full of happy, healthy horses. We remain committed to taking a more holistic approach to horse care that extends beyond just making a really good supplement. By looking at the bigger picture, we help owners, trainers and handlers realise the rewards of owning and caring for horses.