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Equilibrium supplements contain vitamins, minerals and salts in optimal ratios suitable for all equines. Think of our products like a multivitamin for horses, designed to be consumed along side a diet containing ample amounts of roughage and topped up with protein and energy where necessary. Adding Equilibrium to your horse's feed is as simple as dipping a scoop, tossing it in the feed bin and mixing it around with an existing hard feed. For horses that may be seen only a few times a week, another simple and convenient way of ensuring adequate supplementation is to simply pour some Equilibrium product into a container and leave it under some shelter somewhere so that your horse can come along and self dose. It's amazing how often a horse that is 'self dosing' will consume comparable amounts of Equilibrium to that of a horse receiving supplementation on a daily basis.

Equilibrium products remain one of the most affordable ways to supplement your horse, make the science supplementation as easy as 1,2,3 and most importantly, deliver results that horse owners can see.